Sequelise me

PC (1998)

Redneck Yankee space marines versus noble warrior-monk aliens versus all-devouring, vicious bugs - real-time strategy games have never had it so good as when the developer of fantasy RTS WarCraft went science-fiction.

One of the great masterpieces of game balance (helped by regular touch-ups over its still-going-strong lifetime), StarCraft's brilliance - and open ending - had fans asking for its return pretty much since release day. As the only game from Blizzard yet to be sequelised, we think statistics are on our side in hoping we haven't seen our last Zerg rush.

Above: Once you get over the self-consciousness of surfing in the middle of your living room, AntiGrav can be truly engrossing

EyeToy: AntiGrav
PS2 (2004)

AntiGrav's developer was on a mission: make an EyeToy game that didn't involve a blurry image of you, in your living room, hitting things with your hands. It came up with a futuristic hover-board racer with a brilliant control scheme: to lean into corners, you leaned. To jump, you jumped. To duck - OK, you get the idea. And for as long as the struggling EyeToy's camera lock held, free-motion controls had arrived two years before Wii.

With the processing power of a 360 or PS3 behind an AntiGrav sequel, we could fly and never come down... until our arms ache, that is.