September release for Wii?

Thursday 6 July 2006
Nintendo's Wii console is predicted to launch in late September, nearly two months before the previously believed November release and the launch of Sony's PlayStation 3.

The technology of Wii is likely to be a crucial reason for Nintendo's motion-sensitive-controlled console making such a jump in schedule. "Wii is a simpler box to make" than PS3, according to American technology analyst PJ McNealy.

This leap in Wii's launch date has been leaked by expectant 'industry insiders', according to an article by CNNMoney's Chris Morris in his Game Over column.

However, Nintendo's official response goes against the prediction: "Nintendo has made no announcements regarding the launch date of Wii, except to confirm that it will be launching in Q4 2006". Q4, meaning October, November or December. We'll just have to wait and see.

Above: Nintendo's innovative Wii could be available as early as this September