This pitch for a Seinfeld video game would make Larry David proud

Two developers are working to secure the rights to make a Seinfeld game in the most Seinfeld way possible: with a formal pitch for a game "about nothing."

The plan is for point-and-click gameplay, puzzle-solving, item collecting, and of course, senseless conflict stemming from miscommunication or meaningless objects like so many great Seinfeld episodes ('The Pez,' 'The Junior Mint,' 'The Couch'). 

The game would feature original stories written from the perspectives of Jerry, George, and Elaine (Kramer will appear as a non-playable, "wild card" character). The first 30-minute "episode" of the game sounds a lot like a Seinfeld TV show episode. You can (and should) read the entire synopsis and idea for the game here, but essentially Jerry wants to break up with a girl via email but not before he can get the movie tickets she promised him, Elaine, George, and Kramer.

Unlike Jerry and George's ill-formed pitch to NBC in the season 4 episode 'The Pitch,' Jacob Janerka and Ivan Dixon's pitch for a Seinfeld video game is incredibly convincing. The above video plays out like an official trailer, but with a tag at the end featuring the devs as in-game characters imploring fans to spread the word.

Janerka and Dixon want to make a Seinfeld game "the official way," by obtaining the rights from Sony to do so. For that to happen, the developers propose they "need actual, real internet people to show that there is a demand for it." I sincerely hope this little news story can do some small part in accomplishing that mission, because everything from the trailer to the concept for the game is like every Seinfeld fan's dream.

If you'd rather your Seinfeld game play out like an absurd horror movie, check out the Seinfeld made in Dreams PS4.

Jordan Gerblick

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