Sega's Q1 Virtual Console line-up

Since Nintendo has only seen fit to bestow us with titles like Baseball and Urban Champion, it's nice to see Sega showing the Wii's Virtual Console a little old school lovin' in early 2007.The House of Sonic has provided us with its first quarter list of downloadable content.

On the schedule you've got someobscure titles like Bonanza Brothers, Bio-Hazard Battle, and Gain Ground.But the inclusion of Streets of Rage and Comix Zone should leave Genesis fans withoutstretched arms, making child-like "gimme-gimme!" gestures.

Above: In Comix Zone, your fists are fluent in '60's Batman sound splashes.

The Genesis games will go for 800 Wii Points each -or $8 American for those unfamiliar with the conversion.Keep an eye out for these titles and morein the upcoming weeks.

January 8, 2007