Sega Rally Revo

Don’t get us wrong; we love MotorStorm. But underneath its glossy canyons and impressive mud physics lies a one-track mind (har har). Those looking for a little more depth in their racer need wait until September when Sega Rally Revo will be unleashed to the masses. How does it stack up? Read on, gearheads.

Attack deformation
The first lap through a course is the easiest. You're presented with flawless, untouched mud and slide across it with relative ease. But then it's time for the second lap. Every trough and dent you and your opponents made in the mud on the last circuit have now become obstacles, sloppy great canyons of wet, brown stickiness that are a nightmare for your tires. And, as you bomb through the course, you just know you're making the third lap even harder for yourself by avoiding the rough patches and carving up fresh areas of the track. Worse yet, in the baking hot tropical sun of the jungle, by the start of the third lap the mud has begun to harden, making the muddy canals a disaster for your suspension.