Sega has "special content" and giveaway planned for 60th anniversary

Sega is celebrating its impending 60th birthday with a new commemorative website and promises for "special content" coming on the big day, June 3.

There's actually a lot to unpack in the new website. There's a semi-interactive section that takes you through the six decades of Sega's history, awarding you a score at the end for how many panels you watched. 2020 is marked only by the release of the recent Sonic the Hedgehog live-action feature film.

Then there's the new, strangely enchanting ambassador, replacing famed Sega mascot, Segata Sanshiro. The new mascot is the real-life son of the actor who played the original, and he's every bit as enigmatic. Check out his official trailer. Seriously, please watch it.

"The SEGA Group is planning a variety of special content for this 60th anniversary. Through this special content, we will deliver the passion of the SEGA Group to the entire world. We hope you'll continue to engage with us throughout the year," the website reads. No indication whether that's a new game, movie, or otherwise, but anything new from Sega is exciting enough.

(Image credit: Sega)

Sega's birthday is also giving you the chance to win an impressively-premium leather chalk bag (for all that climbing you've been doing). All you need to do to enter your name is send Sega a sweet message between April 31 and June 30, after which winners will be drawn.

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