Sega Genesis Collection - hands-on

At the tail end of 80s, the Sega corporation introduced us to the 16-bit machine-god Genesis. Although this ancient deity decayed into obscurity long ago, Sega Genesis Collection seeks to reconvert the American herd with a compilation of 28 games released between 1989 and 1996.

Video knights of the Genesis Crusades must fondly remember Golden Axe, Shadow Dancer, Phantasy Star II, Sonic and Ecco, along with their sequels. But beyond headlines like butchering a leviathan made of pulsating flesh in Shinobi III, you'll find a few lesser-known jewels in this side-scrolling celebration.

There's timed bank-heists in Bonanza Brothers, where you'll shoot riot-geared cops and watch them twitch on the ground. You'll use your stretchy yo-yo arms to swing through rows of giant bamboo stalks in Ristar. And you'll punt sewer thugs through paper-wall comic book panels in Comix Zone. Silly and straightforward.