See what Bayonetta looked like before it was finished

Sega has released a video of an early prototype build of Bayonetta, featuring gameplay from pre-production levels. It's strange yet fascinating to see the differences in this early build - not least the completely different front end and menu screens. The action runs slower, too, with every kick and combo played out like a Kung Fu movie. And seeing patches of levels mixed in with unfamiliar placeholder scenery is a very surreal experience.

What did the geek in me notice? That the halos you collect are not 3D here - they're flat pictures of halos. Amazing to think that after all the incredible action the machine is throwing around, there was still enough juice left to render 3D collectibles. Also, Witch Time is not triggered by dodging, but by landing certain hits within combos.

Enzo seems to be having an even worse day here, being held aloft by an Angel during regular gameplay while Bayonetta tries to free him. He looks slimmer, though, in his placeholder state. Shame his car seems to be even more wrecked than it is after the cut-scene in the finished game. Poor chap - it's his birthday too.

While we're still glad this game evolved further to become the Bayonetta we know and love, this is a damn fine prototype build. Reckon there are any other games tucked away in Platinum's vaults which look and play as good as this already but haven't even got the go-ahead yet?

22 Nov, 2010

Justin Towell

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