SecretLab x Fortnite Battle Bus Gaming Chair: "you already know that this is going to be impeccable quality"

This Fortnite Battle Bus chair from SecretLab really sets a high standard for special edition chairs

fortnite battle bus gaming chair
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GamesRadar+ Verdict

This is a beautiful chair that is a must-have for those Fortnite fanatics out there.


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    Stunning design

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    Very comfortable

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    Reskin of our favorite gaming chair


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    Quite expensive

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    Lumbar cushion sold seperately

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The Secretlab x Fortnite Battle Bus Edition gaming chair is actually a reskin of our favorite gaming chair, the Titan Evo, so you already know that this is going to be impeccable quality.

This chair is stunning and would make a great statement piece in a gaming setup or room. Although you might be instantly put off when hearing about a Fortnite chair, this really isn't what you'd expect at all. It's definitely created with the game's older audience in mind.  


Before getting onto the assembly, I want to just point out something super cool which comes in the box and weirdly enough, its the instructions. The giant sheet resembles the little building blueprints you pull out in the game but with the chair as the highlight. Honestly, if I had a dedicated gaming room this would probably go on my wall. 

fortnite battle bus gaming chair

(Image credit: Future)

Some other elements of the packaging follow in these footsteps, with the armrest pads coming in a little supply drop box. This is so adorable and honestly makes it feel so premium to unbox and assemble. 

fortnite battle bus gaming chair

(Image credit: Future)

The actual assembly of the chair was relatively simple, everything just clicked into place. The backrest needed to be screwed to the rest of the chair but this wasn't difficult and the screws and allen /hex key were included in the box. 

I built this chair alone and it took me around 15 minutes to do so, which honestly is record time for me. The armrests come preattached to the chair, this is a big reason why it was so quick to assemble. The pads for the armrests just attach with magnets as well as the headrest.  

fortnite battle bus gaming chair

(Image credit: Future)


The design of this chair is the main selling point and honestly it really succeeded my expectations. When you first hear of a Fortnite battle bus chair you'd expect something a little juvenile but this chair is honestly so gorgeous and much more catered to the games older audiences. 

It comes in a deep purple colour with embroidered details on many different parts of the chair, including the back, the seat and the front of the back rest. This includes a massive statement piece of the battle bus on the back which is honestly spectacular to look at. You'll also find the Fortnite logo and 'Victory Royale' embroidered on the front of the backrest on the chair.  

fortnite battle bus gaming chair

(Image credit: Secretlab)

It's worth noting you can also pick up three lumbar cushions to match the chair, these come in Cuddle Team Leader, Peely and Llama editions. I didn't receive these when testing out the chair, unfortunately. 

The chair comes with built-in lumbar support and is built with the best ergonomic design considered. 

You'll find that the Titan Evo has a magnetic headrest which is pretty handy as you can snap it on and off quickly and with ease so if you're mid gaming session and feel slightly uncomfortable you can just move it quickly. 

fortnite battle bus gaming chair

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This chair is relatively comfortable. I'm someone who prefers fabric or mesh chairs by a mile but the leather on this chair still feels quite breathable. One plus side of the leather is how easy it is to clean. 

Although there are lumbar cushions you can purchase for this chair, it's worth noting that it was built with ergonomics in mind and therefore already has built in lumbar support. 

I didn't receive the lumbar cushion so I can't comment on whether or not it makes the chair more comfortable to sit on. It's worth noting that using the chair out of the box still provides your back with support during those long gaming sessions.

You are able to recline the chair up to 165 degrees. I don't usually like to practically lie down while playing games but it is nice to know that I have the option to do so. Jokes aside though, this ability to recline so much means you can find a position that is suited to your body and needs. 

fortnite battle bus gaming chair

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Should you buy the SecretLab x Fortnite Battle Bus Gaming Chair

Honestly, I would highly recommend this chair to those Fortnite fanatics out there, that want to display their passion for the game. But even if you're not a hardcore player and just casually dabble in it here and there, I would say to give this seat your consideration. It's so far from the juvenile design you likely imagined in your head when hearing about this chair. 

The only reason I won't be giving this chair a full rating and editors choice badge is because it's very disappointing that SecretLab requires you to purchase the lumbar cushion at an extra cost. 

How we tested the Secretlab Fortnite Battle Bus gaming chair

I tested this chair by swapping it out with my regular chair at my desk at home. This meant I sat in it both while working from home all day and while I was gaming all evening.  

With what seems like more options than ever on the market from both up and coming as well as established brands, our testing helps to separate the best from the rest.  When we review gaming chairs, we take into account the build quality, as well as the time, spend assembling the units as potential buyers would. Most critically of all, is the value for money proposition, as we wouldn't recommend a gaming chair that we would not buy for ourselves. 

We spend a lot of time testing gaming chairs both at work and in our downtime, too. While first impressions are of course important, a chair that feels comfortable initially may not provide as much support as it did at the start. This is why we take our time with our chair coverage in order to provide an encompassing, accurate, and well-rounded account of what it's like to use the chairs every day. 

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