Secretlab is launching Game of Thrones gaming chairs as a cozier alternative to the Iron Throne

Secretlab and Game of Thrones

If the Game of Thrones finale has left a hole in your heart, Secretlab has just the salve. The gaming chair company, creator of some of the best gaming chairs, has teamed up with HBO to release a series of Game of Thrones seats themed after three of the most influential Great Houses in the books/show, boldly emblazoned with their heraldry and house words. My favorite is easily the Lannister chair (regardless of my feelings about that twisted family), featuring a gorgeous golden lion on both sides of the backrest and additional ornamental golden stitching near the edges. Even the Secretlab logo is wrought in gold, evoking the famed wealth the Lannisters have long drawn from their purloined (and apparently, by the end of the series, exhausted) mines. 

The Stark chair is appropriately, ahem, stark. The sharp contrast of black and white and the menacing profile of a lunging dire wolf evoke the frozen North of Westeros and remind us that winter is, in fact, coming. I've never loved the stylized dire wolf that is the Stark's sigil but the one here is very accurate to the heraldry you see on the show. The Targaryen version features the hydra-headed dragon and dragonscale accents to clearly recall how Aegon the Conqureror was able to dominate the seven kingdoms (well, excepting maybe Dorne) after the Doom of Valyria.

Secretlab and Game of Thrones

The chairs are built on the 2020 versions of Secretlab's Omega and Titan models, the former of which sits at the very top of our best gaming chair roundup. These new versions feature the company's proprietary Prime 2.0 PU leather, purportedly four times more durable than standard PU leather. At an event at the Conrad Hotel in New York City this spring, the founders showed off the extensive testing they do on their materials to ensure they'll stand up to spills, sweat, and abrasions, and I was impressed with how well their PU leather endured the grueling wear tests.

The Game of Thrones chairs also feature the 2020 series' improved 4D armrests, which have been upgraded to be more durable and easier to adjust. They feel sleeker, sturdier, and heavier than the armrests on previous models or the hollow plastic armrests common in office chairs and will tilt, slide, or swivel in practically any direction until you find the perfect orientation to support your elbows/forearms. 

With Game of Thrones very much still floating around the zeitgeist right now, these chairs are a perfect conversation piece. As my time with one in the office has proven, if you're looking for some extra attention from your coworkers, these seats are like a cheat code. They're even more attractive in person, and as comfortable and supportive as we've come to expect from Secretlab. You can preorder one now on Secretlab's website.

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