Secret Agent Clank

Sept 21, 2007

Additional details on Secret Agent Clank were revealed at the Tokyo Game Show. This title marks Ratchet's robot sidekick's first starring role in his own adventure. The game begins with Ratchet thrown in jail for a crime he didn’t commit. It’s be up to the ever-proper Clank and all his James Bond shtick(tuxedo included) to clear his partner’s name and set things right.

Although the game will feature lots of 3D platforming action like previous Ratchet and Clank titles, Secret Agent Clank’s gameplay will focus less on shooting and more on close combat with Clank’s crushing blows and super spy gadgets. Cufflink grenades, bow tie boomerangs, and rocket boots will all help Clank on his mission.

Expect to upgrade Clanks fighting moves in the same way you boosted the blasting power of Ratchets many guns in previous titles from the series. There will also be stealth missions which require you to follow prompts with well-timed button presses to sneak your way towards your goal.

Although you’ll be playing as Clank for most of the game, it’s been confirmed that Ratchet will also be a playable character for certain areas. In addition, you won’t be fighting any boss battles with Clank. All big fights will be tackled by the infuriating Captain Quark. The plot point behind this is that Quark is telling the story of the time he pursued Clank across the galaxy. Clank actually defeated all these bosses, but Quark is weaving tall tales for an interviewer to take all the credit and make himself out to be the real hero.

Secret Agent Clank has a tentative release date scheduled for the fall of 2008.