Second Devil May Cry 5 demo set for February 7 on multiple consoles this time


One Devil May Cry 5 demo down, another to go next month. The first, Xbox One-exclusive demo for DMC5 is no longer available to download after going live back in December (though you can still play it if you already have it installed), and Capcom confirmed that a new one will take its place in February. PS4 players will be able to get in on the action for this demo as well.

When will the next Devil May Cry 5 demo arrive?

The second Devil May Cry 5 demo will hit PS4 and Xbox One on February 7, which is a Thursday. It's also exactly one week before Valentine's day in case you want to download early and enjoy the demon slaying action with a special someone.

What will be included in the next Devil May Cry 5 demo?

The first Devil May Cry 5 demo gave players an early chance to try out most of a mission with Nero, one of the game's three playable protagonists, though each play session was limited by a timer. The demo went from the demon-infested streets of Red Grave City all the way up to a boss encounter with a Goliath. Capcom hasn't said whether the February demo will showcase a fresh part of the game (maybe we'll get to see how old-school Dante is doing after all these years, or take new antihero V for a spin) or perhaps just build on what we've already played.

How much space will the Devil May Cry 5 demo take up?

The first DMC5 demo was a 7.57GB install on Xbox One but Capcom hasn't said how much space its followup will require. It will likely be somewhere in that ballpark both on PS4 and Xbox One though.

Free demos are always a crowd pleaser, but fans are divided on plans for Devil May Cry 5 microtransactions.