Yarr! Rare is back with a new, pirate-filled adventure

Yo ho ho! Rare is back at Microsoft's E3 2015 press conference, and this year they have a new game to announced. No, it's not a new Battletoads - sadly, tragically not Battletoads. Instead, Rare's Craig Duncan revealed Sea of Thieves, and based on what was shown during a brief trailer, it appears to be part pirates, part MMO, and full of pirate-y goodness.

From walking the plank into shark-infested waters, ship-to-ship combat, pirate skeletons, and copious amounts of booty, Sea of Thieves is filled with pirate iconography. Meanwhile, the first-person perspective and player names hovering about the characters hint at either an MMO- or otherwise multiplayer-focused adventure. We'll be sure to keep you update on Rare's new project as the show continues, so be sure to check back here on GR+.

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Maxwell McGee
Maxwell grew up on a sleepy creekbank deep in the South. His love for video games has taken him all the way to the West Coast and beyond.