Sea of Thieves is getting a Battletoads ship set

(Image credit: Microsoft)

The latest crossover event coming to Sea of Thieves is none other than the Fightin' Frogs ship set, inspired by the new Battletoads remake. You can get your hands on the new amphibious ship set tomorrow, August 20, to mark the release of the new Battletoads.

There is a catch though - you'll need to play through Act One of the remake in order to get your Battletoads ship set. It sounds like that deal's ongoing, as Rare says you can finish the mission and earn your reward "any time." 

Fortunately, Battletoads is launching on Xbox Game Pass, so subscribers won't need to make a separate purchase, but that does mean everyone else will need to fork up for the special gear cosmetics.

Like most ship sets, the Battletoads collection includes themed sails, cannons, capstan, figurehead, flag, hull, and wheel. As you might expect, it makes your ship very green, but it'll be your opponents who will turn green with envy when they see three giant toads clinging to the front of your ship.

This isn't the first time Microsoft has brought one of its studio's IPs into the high seas - the most recent example was a State of Decay ship set, but there's also been Halo-inspired and Gears 5-inspired Sea of Thieves ship sets. Personally, the only thing cooler than a frog ship would be a turtle ship, which I could only see happening if Microsoft releases an exclusive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game.

If you're just setting sail for the first time, don't miss our essential Sea of Thieves tips for weathering the storm and staying afloat.

Jordan Gerblick

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