The Battletoads release date is set for August

The Battletoads release date has finally been revealed, and your odyssey into the world of aggro amphibians begins next month.

The official Battletoads release date trailer confirms that Rash, Zitz, and Pimple are headed to Xbox One and PC on August 20. You'll be able to pick it up on its own or play it as part of Xbox Game Pass, and it will be available on both the Windows 10 Store and Steam if you prefer to play on PC.

While the original Battletoads took heavy inspiration from the comic books and cartoons of their '80s origins, this new take on Battletoads infuses some modern animation style and irreverent humor into the familiar beat-em-up formula. The trailer proves that the three-player co-op brawling is fully accounted for, and just as importantly, so are the genre blending minigames: there's a scrolling shoot-em-up, what appears to be a cooperative glyph-solving puzzle, and even the return of the dreaded turbo bikes.

As someone who has played both Battletoads in Battlemaniacs and Battletoads & Double Dragon dozens of times - but always died at the turbo bike levels - let me tell you that there was a primordial fear in my heart when I first saw them. Thankfully, it looks like the forward-scrolling perspective of the new stages may make them a little bit easier to negotiate. Maybe.

Battletoads is being developed by Dlala Studios in partnership with original developer Rare, and I'm eager to try out this new take on an old childhood favorite (even now that I'm old enough not to giggle every time I read "Zitz").

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