Sea of Thieves devs recorded a pirate cover of Van Halen's Jump as a tribute

(Image credit: Rare)

Some of the developers on Sea of Thieves have released a pirate cover of the classic rock song 'Jump' by Eddie Van Halen, who died on October 6 at the age of 65. Rare took to Twitter to share the immensely creative, touching, and entirely unexpected tribute.

The death of the legendary guitarist sent shockwaves across the world, but you might not have expected a tribute from Sea of Thieves. Apparently, Van Halen's "talent and fun-living spirit" impacted a bunch of Sea of Thieves developers in a memorable way.

The cover is played in a shanty style using instruments you can play in the game, and it sounds like they pulled the vocalist straight from the deck of a pirate ship. It's all great fun, but the concertina version of the famous guitar solo is the highlights of the song.

It'd be great if Rare could somehow manage to get the cover song to play in the tavern by a little pirate band, but I can only imagine how difficult - and expensive - it would be to secure the rights. For now, I'll just keep the embed above on loop.

If this beautiful tribute to Van Halen has turned your attention to Sea of Thieves, now's as good a time as ever to set sail. It's 2020, we're all stuck at home, and the open sea beckons. I recently scribbled down some thoughts about how the high-risk, high-reward experience of playing Sea of Thieves reminds me of legacy MMOs ala Ultima Online.

If you do decide to check it out, don't miss our essential Sea of Thieves tips.

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