Scott Pilgrim Vs Total Film

Scott Pilgrim will be taking on the UK when the film is released in cinemas this Wednesday, but first he had to contend with his toughest opponent yet: Total Film readers.

Members of Total Film’s ace Screening Club got the drop on the rest of the country’s filmgoers by attending a special advanced showing of comic-book adaptation last week.

Best of all, it was completely and utterly free!

The screening was a total sell-out, with tickets snaffled up in no time by hordes of eagle-eyed readers.

Not only did they enjoy a sneak peak of what promises to be one of the best films of the summer, the first few lucky punters to arrive were treated to Scott Pilgrim t-shirts and beanies.

But what about the film? Well judging by the audience reaction, Scott Pilgrim looks to be a real crowd pleaser, with the eye-popping fight scenes going down particularly well.

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No need to thank us, it’s just how we roll…

George Wales

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