Iono's partner Pokemon will be revealed for Scarlet and Violet tomorrow - but players are pretty sure it's a frog

(Image credit: The Pokemon Company)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet's latest reveal will take place tomorrow, as electric gym leader Iono's partner pokemon riddle is solved.

Earlier this week, the latest Scarlet and Violet trailer introduced players to Iono in a 'Who's that Pokemon'-style stream. The energetic gym leader offered hints as to their squishy electric pal, but players remained stumped, suggesting a brand-new arrival.

The Pokemon Company has since announced a full reveal set to take place tomorrow, October 14, at 22:00 JST (06:00 PT/09:00 ET/14:00 BST), where we should get our first look at Iono's partner pokemon. That's obviously far too long to wait, however, as several artistic fans have been taking their own guesses - and a certain amphibian seems to be high up on the list.

Iono described her partner as cute and squishy, with a sluggish, easygoing style. Per the leader's own style, it's an electric-type, with two bumps on its head that people mistake for its eyes, and a body that expands and contracts to generate electricity. Those final two details seem to have pointed several players towards some kind of frog Pokemon:

There are already several frog Pokemon scattered throughout the franchise. As well as Seismitoad and its pre-evolutions, there's the Froakie-Greninja arc, Croagunk/Toxicroak, and the Poliwag line's journey to Politoed. Elsewhere, fans have pointed to the lantern fish pokemon Chinchou and Lanturne, based on the former's dangling antennae, but right now, the frog partner seems like a more compelling argument.

Looks like we'll be getting an addition to the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Pokedex pretty soon.

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