Saw 3D hacks into US box office


Saw 3D scared up record-setting figures at cineplexes this weekend.

Toppling Paranormal Activity 2 off the top spot (a triumph after Saw VI lost out to the first found footage horror last year), this first 3D outing in the Saw franchise bagged $24.2m over the Halloween weekend.

In the UK, it took an impressive £3.3m, the highest takings of any of the movies in the franchise thus far. It also marked the highest opening weekend of an 18 horror since Scary Movie in 2000.

Back Stateside, Paranormal Activity 2 settled for second place with $16.5m, proving that Halloween really does bring out the crazy horror fans.

Bruce Willis actioner Red held firm in third place with $10.8m, while former number two Jackass 3D crashed into fourth place ($8.5m). Clint Eastwood’s Hereafter glided one place down to fifth with $6.4m.

Disney’s horse flick Secretariat stayed in sixth ($5m), The Social Network dropped to seventh ($4.7m) and Life As We Know It remained a top ten fixture in eighth ($4.2m). The Town also refused to budge in ninth place with $2m.

Big surprise of the week was a sudden surge for Hilary Swank and Sam Rockwell vehicle Conviction , which lurched from 25th place to tenth with $1.8m.

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