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Save money with these cheap board game deals and get a free Walmart gift card

Save money with these cheap board game deals and get a free Walmart gift card
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The weather outside is frightful (but the fire is so delightful), and as we've no place to go, why not settle in with a few cheap board game deals? Alright, so it's not as catchy. But with Christmas fast approaching, tabletop games are a great shout as gifts or for family get-togethers. Luckily, Walmart has discounted some of the best board games and thrown in gift cards for good measure - you're saving money and getting free cash to spend on something else. Which is a pretty sweet bargain, all things considered.

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Some of these games haven't been discounted by a tremendous amount, but the addition of a gift card makes all the difference. It's basically free money to spend on whatever you like, and that's sure to come in handy if you're hunting down last-minute Christmas gifts. Of all the cheap board game deals on offer here, the three most notable ones are Pandemic, Catan, and Ticket to Ride. 

Pandemic is easily one of the best cooperative board games we've played (see why in our guide to why you should play the Pandemic board game), and it's had its price slashed to $27.89. That's a saving of roughly $10 from the MSRP. Throw in an additional $10 Walmart gift card and you've got excellent value for money. Equally, Catan is one of the best classic board games out there. It's only been reduced by a couple of dollars to $39.96, but the addition of a $15 Walmart gift card makes it a bargain. Finally, Ticket to Ride - a favorite of certain staff members - is almost $10 less in price at $35.19 but also throws in a $10 gift card

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