Sarah Andersen from Sarah's Scribbles shows how she "starts messy" to get to refined line of Fangs

Sarah Andersen
(Image credit: Tapas Media)

Writer/artist Sarah Andersen (of Sarah's Scribbles fame) is sharing how she creates her artwork as well as some tips she has for others in a video being released ahead of her new print collection, Fangs.

Here is the video via Tapas Media, who serialized Fangs digitally:

"I wrote Fangs in a six-month period where I wasn't writing Sarah's Scribbles because I was working on Cheshire Crossing," Andersen told Newsarama previously. "Since Cheshire was all illustration work and no writing, think I had all this untapped creative writing energy that needed a place to go, and something clicked.

"I started with the premise of 'a vampire and a werewolf are sitting in a bar...' and at first it was very cutesy and slapstick and it evolved from there," she continued. "I wrote the vampire first. I oddly related to the vampire lifestyle while I was working on that Cheshire deadline - nocturnal, anemic, particular. 

"People often ask what 'Sarah' would be like all grown up. In some ways Fangs has the answer."

Fangs is a decidedly more mature take than Sarah's Scribbles, featuring the unconventional romance between the aforementioned vampire (Elise) and werewolf (Jimmy). The series was serialized digitally through the comics platform Tapas Media.

"Sarah Andersen has been an absolutely incredible creative partner to collaborate with for all these years. From Sarah's Scribbles back in 2013, Cheshire Crossing with Andy Weir in 2017, and now with Fangs," Tapas Media's VP of content Michael Son tells Newsarama. "Fangs is really unlike anything else that Sarah has done in the past and we're so excited to see it really find a home at Tapas where it's received a tremendous amount of support from both the reader and creator community."

Fangs goes on sale September 1.

Chris Arrant

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