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Sam & Max Episode 202: Moai Better Blues review

Portals, giant stone heads and a topless Amelia Earhart make this the best episode yet

The second cleverest innovation, meanwhile, involves taking to the streets and running over bagpipes that have been carefully spaced out so as to play "I've Been Working on the Railroad" if you hit them all. There's also a new minigame in which you'll need to balance on a surfboard while baby bottles are thrown at your head, but it's less interesting than it sounds.

Like the last episode, the game also features an automated hint system; turn it on, and Max will start spouting clues if you go too long without doing something productive. Thankfully, they're subtle and vague, gently nudging you toward a certain location or activity, so there's no real shame in turning them on if you're stuck. Unfortunately, you'll likely have to at some point, as one or two of the puzzles seem to be less about logic and more about clicking obsessively on everything you see.

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DescriptionFresh gags and fun with portals make this episode the best one yet.
Release date11 January 2008 (US), 11 January 2008 (UK)