Saints Row 2

And that’s just the beginning of SR2’s refined non-playable character behavior. You may now use a human being like a as a bullet shield with varying levels of assailant restraint. A cop will be super hesitant to fire through a living obstacle. A gang member? Not so much. It depends. And that's the greatest thing about the diveresecombat and personalitystyles foundall over Saints Row 2.

Volition Inc. has packed a lot of history into Stilwater between Saints Row 2 and the explosive ending(s) of the original. The Ultor Corporation has whipped asome nefarious "urban renewal" on the city.So with Julius incapacitated, you’re nowheading up the Saints and charged with reassembling the gang to its former glory. (Our questions concerning the return of Keith David were met with smirks and a "no comment.") But at least your characteris finally allotted a voice of your choosing. And that’s in addition to over 60,000 voice snippets, which we're told will total in enough cutscenes to fill an entire feature-length movie.

You won’t be able to port over your created character from the first game. But with the level of customization in Saints Row 2, why would you want to? Body types, taunts, genders, combat styles and races- the potential in self-alteration is staggering. Plus, each attribute is assigned a number so eventually people can trade character formulas for that perfect favorite Samuel L. Jackson or Colin Mochrie.

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Mar 4, 2008