Saints Row 2

The original Saints Row was perhaps the most successful Grand Theft Auto copycat to date, and its sequel is promising to up the ante with a series of tweaks to the winning crime sim formula. Unsurprisingly, gang warfare is still the order of the day as you guide your chosen gangbanger through an expanded version of Stillwater City. But while the game’s themes remain unchanged there is talk of a darker storyline that picks up some years on from the explosive final act of the first game- promising a tale of betrayal, revenge, and with any luck, redemption.

But what fans and critics alike will be most interested in will be those elements that distinguish the game from its biggest rival, the hotly anticipated GTA IV.

Above: Erm, racial profiling, anyone?

The RPG-like option to extensively customise your character has been expanded, this time allowing for genre, age,crib and even voice. This means that you could be stalking the streets as either an archetypal criminal - recreate yourself as Tony Soprano or Al Capone, or the most unlikely gangster imaginable. Thepossibilities are endless.