RV review

What is RV? Choose an option from the following: a) a touching and emotional look at how one dysfunctional family makes a real connection on a holiday; b) an astonishing tour through some of America’s most beautiful countryside; or c) an excuse to cover Robin Williams in shit? Predictably, the pedal goes to the metal on the third option and never really lets up. So sit back as Williams does his schtick – albeit the PG-rated, neutered version – and everything else happens according to The Big Book Of Family Comedies.

You used to be able to rely on Barry Sonnenfeld to bring something fresh to this genre way back when but, with his latest, it’s looking like the old Bazza of The Addams Family and Men In Black fame has been permanently replaced by the drooling loon who made MIB II and Wild Wild West. There are a few chuckles here, but that’s really it.

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