Rust console version has been delayed, expect more news in the new year

(Image credit: Facepunch Studios)

The Rust console version has officially been delayed after a long period of silence from the developers.

Facepunch Studios announced back in November 2019 that it was working with Double Eleven to bring its online survival game to PS4 and Xbox One some time in 2020. We hadn't heard much about it since then, and 2020 was starting to run out fast. A new post on Double Eleven's site confirms the delay, citing challenges posed by transitioning the entire team to working from home in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Why have we been so quiet for so long? The world of games dev is a fickle beast; you never have the full picture up front and the development process often becomes more of a journey of discovery when bringing a PC title to console," Double Eleven wrote. "As much as engaging with players is extremely important, we believe it also has to be meaningful and as we’ve been working away behind the scenes, we haven’t felt ready to share anything with you yet."

The studio says it will be "closer to being able to share something" once the new year arrives, though it isn't confirming any new release window for the Rust console version yet. At this point, it seems likely that any new plans would include dedicated support for PS5 and Xbox Series X, since the initial console edition announcement was made before Sony or Microsoft had officially confirmed their plans for the next generation.

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