Russell T Davies talks about moving on from Doctor Who

In an interview in the latest issue of TV industry mag Broadcast, Doctor Who producer Russell T Davies has discussed leaving the show - later rather than sooner, mind. But eventually. Y'know. Some time. One day.

"I've certainly got things lined up", Davies says. "I'm talking to [TV production company] Red. I want to work with Nicola Shindler [producer of Casanova, Bob and Rose and Queer as Folk] again, and I want to live in Manchester again. My house is in Manchester.

"I've got a list of about 10 programmes in my head that I want to make. One of the stories will be about gay men, because I want to go back and write about them again in some shape or form. There's a few characters boiling away; they just pop up, unbidden. Doctor Who has not elbowed them out."

He also reveals what he thinks of ITV's "answer to Doctor Who", Primeval.
"I absolutely love it. Its [lack of] ethnic casting is shameful - I've never seen such a white show in all my born days! But apart from that I think it's excellent, I really think it's excellent."

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