Rumour: Star Wars: Episode VII has yet to cast major female role

Yesterday saw movie news outlets dominated by the mega-story that was the official announcement of the cast for Star Wars: Episode VII , and mighty exciting it looks too!

However, if you thought that would spell the end of the torrent of casting rumours that have been filling the internet over the last twelve months or so, think again…

Because according to THR , there still remains a significant role that J.J. Abrams has yet to cast, with the report claiming that the project is still short a leading lady.

That might go some way to explaining why Daisy Ridley and the returning Carrie Fisher were the only women present at yesterday's cast table-read, among swathes of their male co-stars.

The report doesn't go into specifics as to the nature of the role, but does point out that the production had previously been seeking a mixed-race actress in her 20s to join the cast.

Could that be the role that still has to be filled? Looks like those casting rumours will be hanging around for a while yet…

George Wales

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