Rumour Has It... review

Heard the one about The Graduate being based on a real-life family living in Pasadena? Hollywood myth acts as the springboard for Rob Reiner's 13th feature, as Sarah Huttinger (Jennifer Aniston) discovers her spiky grandma (Shirley MacLaine) was the template for Mrs Robinson. Sarah's mom, aka Elaine Robinson, is now dead, but the guy they both boffed (Kevin Costner) is still very much alive... and eager to carve another Huttinger notch into his bedpost.

Early signs weren't good for Rumour Has It..., Reiner stepping in as a favour to Warner Bros after debut helmer Ted Griffin exited the project. But Reiner has cranked out his best effort in a decade, an assured rom-com comprised of breezy direction, beguiling performances, regular yaks and a satisfying emotional undertow. Faultless? Hardly. Clichéd? Sometimes. Enjoyable? Hell yes.

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