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Rumor: 3DS games could cost around $42 in the US, based on leaked Japanese launch details

There will be 10 games available when the 3DS launches in Japan next month, and they'll be a bit more expensive than the most expensive DS titles. At least, that's the latest rumor circulating around the internet. Japanese game site Inside Games has reportedly gotten a hold of the details, which are expected to be officially announced at an event tomorrow.

The site did not list exactly which 3DS games would be part of the launch line-up, but whatever they are, consumers may have to pay more than they did for DS launch games. The site reported that 3DS games will retail in Japan for around 5,800 yen, which is the equivalent of nearly $70 USD. Don't worry though - even if that's true, you almost definitely won't be spending $70 per 3DS game in the US.

Current DS games usually go for around 4,800 yen in Japan, which is about $58 USD, but DS games only cost up to $35 in the US. Given that ratio, we might expect to pay around $42 for 3DS games in the US (if the information, and our math,is accurate).

It's all speculation for now, but we'll know more about the North American launch after Nintendo's media event in New York on January 19.

[Source: Andriasang]

Jan 7, 2011