Rogue Trooper

Set in a desolate, but still incredibly colorful, future world, the third-person shooter Rogue Trooper pulls no punches with its unflinching brutality. At every turn, you're presented with violence so obscene that it becomes hilarious because it is so blatantly ruthless. Take the cutscenes, for example, in which one of your brothers in arms falls to the enemy and you knife him in the base of the skull to pull out his biochip (which you later implant in your gun, backpack or helmet for increased capabilities). Aside from the improvised field surgery, Rogue Trooper makes a brilliant spectacle of the futuristic battlefield madness that takes place all around you, surrounding you with bloody mayhem.

Surprisingly, Rogue Trooper actually plays more like Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter on Xbox 360 than the Xbox version of GRAW does. The freedom of movement and the amount of little accent maneuvers you can perform give you a number of options in any situation. Once all of your friends have been killed off and you have them firmly implanted into your weapons and armor, they provide an impressive amount of functionality. Our personal favorite was the targeting system afforded by our dead buddy Gunnar, which enables you to hone in on specific parts of an enemy guaranteeing a headshot or, even better, a tankshot that causes your enemy to run around frantically before exploding. If you get really lucky, a tankshot enemy will run into a crowd of his friends and detonate, sending their flaming corpses flying in all directions.