Roger Deakins makes history

Our very own Roger Deakins will be opening two bottles of champagne today, after it was announced he's made history by becoming the first cinematographer to receive two feature nominations in one year.

Where? At the American Society of Cinematographers’ annual awards. And the features in question? No Country for Old Men and The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford.

We'd like to see him take it home for No Country, it's elegiac, beautifully composed, and stays with you long after you've seen the flick. But, wait, we could say the same about Jesse James, now we think about it.

Actually, perhaps that's an insight into some of the discussions that led to 2008 being put on the cinematography map.

Go to Reuters for more , then add another trinket to your Oscars 2008 shrine, in the hope that it goes ahead so that Deakins can bring home a golden boy to add to his accolades.