Rockstar's bloodstained Wii

Oct 3, 2007

Clearly, the Wii's slab like design makes it a perfect blunt instrument. Thanks to modern day wonders like laws against reckless killing and workplace health and safety guidelines, though, we can guarantee that, despite its gruesome appearance, this goreflecked Wii won't be appearing as Exhibit A in any upcoming murder trial.

Far from being a hastily improvised weapon, this Wii is actually a Rockstar-designed prize to celebrate Manhunt 2's Halloween release in the US. So, by showing it off, all we've achieved is to remind you that Rockstar's excitingly controversial actioner still doesn't have a UK launch date, or even a BBFC rating. And you can't win it unless you're reading this in the good ol' USA. Ah. Sorry.

Still, it looks nice, doesn't it? If 'nice' is really a word to describe a hunk of plastic designed to look like a particularly busy executioner's tool. Although we're disappointed to note that the 'bloody' nunchuk consists of a sticker marooned like orange peel on its virginal white plastic. Everyone's a critic, eh?