Rockstar reveals Manhunt 2's seedy world

Manhunt 2 has gone through many transformations from inception to final game.But the core of the story- and the terror- has always been Danny Lamb's tenuous grasp on reality and his own sanity.What started as a medical lab setting later became the Dixmore Asylum: the natural starting place for Danny's journey of dark self-discovery. The freak electrical storm, the broken elevators, the locked gates and chaos of a bloody riot in progress- the physical surroundings mirror the confusion and terror that Danny undergoes, and very successfully induces terror and unease in the player from the very start. The level itself serves as an introduction to the game, allowing the player to get a feel for the play mechanics- but in no way does this feel like a trial run. From the start, every move you make could very well be your last.

Matt Cundy
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