Rockstar reportedly prioritizing GTA 6 over shelved Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4 remasters, but could revisit them

(Image credit: Rockstar)

Rockstar is reportedly doubling down on GTA 6 development after shelving remasters for GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption, though it may revisit the remasters in the future.

That's according to a new report from Kotaku which corroborates a recent claim that Rockstar had canceled planned GTA 4 and Red Dead remasters. Citing sources familiar with Rockstar's plans, Kotaku reports that the publisher is instead focusing on development of GTA 6, which Rockstar itself described as "well underway" earlier this year in the first official acknowledgement of the long-rumored sequel.  

However, once GTA 6 is released – and when that will be is still anyone's guess, with some sources claiming 2024 at the earliest – there's apparently potential for Rockstar to revisit remastering GTA 4 and/or Red Dead Redemption, with one Kotaku source describing the prospect as not entirely "out of scope."

The decision to can these remasters in the first place is thought to be the result of the poor reception of the GTA Trilogy, which launched in such an ugly and buggy state that Rockstar issued a public apology. However, the remastered versions of GTA 4 and Red Dead were reportedly in the works, though never in active development, well before the GTA Trilogy's launch, so it's unclear how much crossover there would've been. 

Likewise, it's unclear what logistical aspects of the GTA Trilogy may have influenced Rockstar's decisions regarding future remasters. The trilogy's poor reception was driven by glaring visual and technical issues, but the games themselves remain beloved, so it's not that there's no market for this sort of remaster if done well. Kotaku reports that Rockstar is hoping fans will forget about the trilogy's flop while it prepares a new mainline installment, which would fit with its alleged pipeline. 

One Rockstar insider has described the GTA 6 engine as "ahead of its time," but we still know next to nothing about it. 

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