Rockstar offers online preview of L.A. Noire's remixed soundtrack

Rockstar has posteda selection of tunesfrom the remixed edition of the L.A. Noire soundtrack to online listening-post Soundcloud, allowing players to preview cuts by period-appropriate artists such as Gene Krupa and Ella Fitzgerald as remixed by contemporary knob-twiddlers like DJ Premier. The selection also includes original compositions from the game's soundtrack, which retain the post-war jazz feel of the title.

L.A. Noire: Remixed by RockstarGames

The original music on show includes the game's main theme and the frenetic “Hard Bop Chase” – giving you a taste of what the game's action scenes will sound like – put together by the game's composer, Andrew Hale, whose previous work includes Scott Pilgrim Vs The World and, um, Sade's backing band. Other tracks, meanwhile, are fromthe blue-cover remix versionof the soundtrack and add a contemporary gloss to the game's hepcat-centric OST, one of the most daringly old-timey since BioShock forced Mario Lanza upon players. The Truth & Soul remix of skins-man (that's old-time talk for “drummer”) Gene Krupa's “Sing! Sing! Sing!” is particularly worth a listen.

Which ones do you like best? Or are you just going to turn the music down and blast some 'Tallica when you're exploring Rockstar's L.A.?

May 16, 2011

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