Rocket League Season 2 Rocket Pass trailer plays musical cars

Rocket League Season 2 starts on December 9, and the developers at Psyonix put out a new Rocket Pass trailer to show off some of the new music-powered rewards you'll be able to earn.

The big theme of Season 2 is music: Rocket League has been big into EDM ever since the title screen for the original version of the game, and for this season it's teamed up with music label Monstercat and producer Kaskade to push its background music all the way into the foreground. Naturally, the new items you'll be able to earn will feel just at home on the dance floor as they do in the arena. This is the only time it's OK to drive a car in the club.

The big star of the trailer is the new, super-customizable R3MX car, which features beat-synced paint jobs that pulse along with the music. You can earn tires that look like speakers, boost trails that look like bars of music, and even a topper that looks like a midi pad so you can pretend you're laying down some sweet sequences every time you give the ball a header.

You'll be able to earn a selection of items from the Rocket Pass just by playing, though many of the most tempting rewards are reserved for the Premium track. If you start out by playing the free version and later go Premium, you'll retroactively receive all the Premium rewards from the tiers you already unlocked.

Rocket League is still set to get a next-gen update for more graphics options, though only on Xbox.

Connor Sheridan

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