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Rock Band 4's official Spotify playlist has all the songs, none of the game

If you're having trouble waiting until October to play Rock Band 4, I have a temporary solution for you. Pick up a plastic guitar, load this official Rock Band 4 Spotify playlist, and visualize. You know, like that one scene in The Last of Us: Left Behind.

The playlist includes all of Rock Band 4's confirmed tracks, from "Brown Eyed Girl" to "Uptown Funk." And since Harmonix is trying to fully support DLC from previous Rock Band games, you might as well keep rocking out in imagination land to this comprehensive Rock Band catalog playlist from Harmonix communications lead Nick Chester.

If you think about it, these playlists are the closest you can get to Rock Band 4 without breaking into Harmonix HQ to steal a development build. And you definitely shouldn't do that.

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