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Want more Rock Band 4 songs? Pre-order on PSN with PS Plus.

Rock Band 4 comes with 60 songs on the disc/download, but you can get another 10 for free if you pre-order on PSN as a PS Plus subscriber. The special promotion, which also includes a free PS4 theme, began today in North America and is coming to Europe "soon."

The 10 additional songs round out the Rock Band 4 setlist setlist with some eclectic artists, including Janis Joplin, Duran Duran, Pantera, and more. It's a neat little bonus, just keep in mind that you'll also be able to transfer over your purchases of more than 1,500 songs from previous Rock Band games - but only if you bought them on the same console family.

In other words, if you used to play Rock Band on Xbox 360 and bought a bunch of DLC tracks, that may be worth more to you than the 10 songs you'll get for pre-ordering on PS4. Here are all the tracks so you can judge for yourself:

All That Remains - “Divide”
Blitz Kids - “Run For Cover”
Bring Me The Horizon - “Throne”
Dead Sara - “Mona Lisa”
Duran Duran - “The Reflex”
Janis Joplin - “Move Over”
Of Mice & Men - “Would You Still Be There”
Oh Honey - “Sugar You”
Pantera - “Cowboys From Hell (Live from Monsters in Moscow Festival)”
Seastick Steve - “Summertime Boy”

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