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RoboBlitz review

Top-notch gaming at budget prices


  • Awesome weapons and puzzles
  • Great graphics
  • Level editor on the PC version


  • No level editor included on Xbox Live
  • No multiplayer modes
  • A few niggling camera issues

Most reviews start out with a synopsis of the game's plot. But honestly, RoboBlitz doesn't need that. Your job, as robot technician Blitz, is to run through 19 levels of shooting and puzzle action in order to load and fire a giant space cannon. The real motivation to keep playing lies more in earning each new weapon or toy and seeing what kind of wacky things you can do with them.

RoboBlitz looks like a third-person shooter at first - it's even running on the Unreal Engine 3, so it looks gorgeous - but shooting is actually a very small part of the whole experience. Rather, you'll be guiding Blitz through each new area by figuring out one physics-based puzzle after another.

More Info

DescriptionThere are so many ways to tackle each area during RoboBlitz that you'll want to play through a few times just to see what you can accomplish.
PlatformXbox 360, PC
US censor ratingEveryone 10+
Release date6 December 2006 (US), 6 December 2006 (UK)