Rob Zombie slams Ain't It Cool News

We’ve been following Ain’t It Cool News’ coverage of Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake with interest. It all started way back in January, when Ain’t regular Quint posted an early review of the script.

To suggest it was negative would be akin to accusing Michael Myers of being a bit awkward in social situations and, predictably enough, it resulted in Zombie’s name becoming the new fanboy byword for ‘hack’.

Quint referred to the situation in a recent news story , claiming that he’d heard that Zombie had read his review, and flown into a rage. Despite this revelation, the point of the piece was to call for peace in the geek community, which, sadly, seems to have backfired.Speaking via his myspace blog , Zombie has hit back at the report. “I just read an Ain’t It Cool news story that says that I was in a rage after reading their review of the Halloween script. They heard this from some close friends or something like that. Well, I fell off my chair laughing,” he said.

“First off I never read their review since I knew whatever they were reviewing was some old script and I certainly wouldn't be in a rage about anything. I'm too exhausted from working on the film to have any rage left over. It's all good times over here.”

Good times it may be, but we’d suggest Zombie gets some rest, this one feels like it’s going to run and run...