Ring Fit Adventure release date, price, and gameplay revealed: It's like if Wii Fit was a RPG

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The successor to Wii Fit is coming to Nintendo Switch next month. Ring Fit Adventure is an exercise game that plays like an RPG adventure, complete with roaming through environments and jumping into turn-based battles against fantastical foes. It all works in concert with the new Ring-Con and Leg Strap accessories, each of which use the Switch's Joy-Con to track the way your body's moving (the former is that circle thing Nintendo showed off in an odd teaser video last week).

The main Adventure mode for Ring Fit Adventure sets you on a journey to defeat Dragaux, a "giant, chiseled dragon with an ego to match his oversized muscles." You pick a stage, then you jog or run in place to progress on a set path. Squeezing the Ring-Con lets you blast parts of the environment or - if you aim it down - jump over obstacles. You'll also jump into vehicles that require you to make different motions to advance, like swinging side to side on a paddleboard.

While you're moving through the level, monsters will sometimes block your progress and kick off Fit Battles. On your turn, you pick from a variety of Fit Skills to determine what kind of attacks you use. Each one corresponds to an exercise, and targeting certain muscle groups will be more effective against certain enemies - naturally, your overall power is determined by how well you do the exercise. On your enemy's turn, you can deflect some of their damage with an Ab Guard, executed by keeping the Ring-Con squeezed against your belly.

You can adjust the overall intensity of the exercise to fit your current fitness level and how much sweating you want to do on your living room carpet. Ring Fit Adventure features other modes that let you do individual exercises, sets, or play through minigames as well, but it looks like Adventure mode is the main event. Ring Fit Adventure will launch on October 18 for $79.99 (UK price TBA), including a copy of the game, a Ring-Con, and a Leg Strap.

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