Rick and Morty producer says a new season is coming out "every year" from now on

Rick and Morty
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"Rick and Morty forever, a hundred years Rick and Morty," a crazed Rick says during one of his meta rants at Morty in the show’s early days. While we’re not quite there yet, we can expect a more consistent pipeline of new episodes than we have done in recent years according to producer Scott Marder.

"We’ll have a season of the show every year from this point forward," Marder told Inverse. Rick and Morty season 6 is set to debut on September 4 and brings the show up to the 30-episode mark for the 70-episode order they signed with Adult Swim back in 2018. At this current rate, then, we can expect the show to run up until season 10 – in 2026.

Fans have come accustomed to the show’s stop-start nature in recent years. The gap between seasons 4 and 5 beginning was around 18 months, with the fourth season also airing in two parts across 2019 and 2020. Now, things are running far more smoothly – and that progression has even bled over into the show’s approach to canon.

"For me, a really well-balanced season has a few, like, big dogs that knock you over with canon," Marder told GamesRadar+ and other assembled press. "But then mostly just a lot of one-offs and fun stuff that people come to expect from the show. [With the premiere] we felt like we stumbled into an episode that allowed us to close one door and kick another one wide open for people, with us being at kind of the halfway mark of the 10-season run."

Rick and Morty season 6 premieres on Adult Swim at 11pm Eastern in the US and is simulcast at 4am BST on E4 and All4 in the UK. Relive the show’s greatest moments with our ranking of the best Rick and Morty episodes.

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