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Rez, Child of Eden creator steps back from games development

Rez and Child of Eden creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi is no longer producing games. Q Entertainment, which Mizuguchi co-founded in 2003, told Eurogamer that he is becoming more of a spokesperson for the company since leaving active production.

Mizuguchi's last game was Child of Eden, a musical shooter which was well-received by critics but sold only 34,000 copies in its release month of June 2011, according to the NPD Group. Q Entertainment director Nobuhiko Shimizu said Mizuguchi has become more involved in academia since its release, though he retains an active role at the company.

Q Entertainment's most recent game, Lumines Electronic Symphony, was led by producer James Mielke who has since left the company. Mizuguchi said the company is looking to continue its musical focus in a new genre.

"We are now thinking about combining music games with card-battle games," Shimizu said. "We now have several productions to develop that kind of game."

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