Revisiting the origin of Korvac in Iron Man #9 preview

Iron Man #9
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The classic Marvel villain Korvac is back with his latest attempt to rule the universe, but before he does June 9's Iron Man #9 will revisit his past (and our future) where he first exhibited his treacherous side.

Check out this preview of Iron Man #9:

This Iron Man #9 preview re-tells Korvac's origin story - and boy is it a doozy. As originally told by creators Steve Gerber and Jim Starlin, Korvac is from a 31st century Earth where the planet has been conquered by a lizard-like race of aliens called the Badoon. Korvac, then a computer technician, sells out the human race and becomes a collaborator with the Badoon empire in exchange for wealth, safety, and a bit of power. After his plan is carried out though, the Badoon balk at the agreed reward and instead pay him back by chopping off the bottom half of his body and replacing it with a machine.

In previous issues of the current Iron Man series, Korvac was resurrected in an android body, proceeding to go on a tear to rule the universe. His master plan? Use Galactus' ship to give him godlike powers. The problem is he's haunted by the memory of the Badoon and what they did to him.

Eagle-eyed fans will remember he tried this before (and succeeded) in the classic storyline 'The Korvac Saga,' only to be stopped by the combined forces of the Avengers and the original Guardians of the Galaxy (who are from the same future as Korvac).

In Korvac's second attempt to rule the universe using Galactus tech, Iron Man isn't calling in the Avengers to stop him - instead, he assembles a novel squad made up of Hellcat, War Machine, Misty Knight, Gargoyle, Frog-Man, and Halcyon.

"After discovering the strange new sensation of self-doubt, Korvac and his crew take a detour in deep space to search for an unlikely ally," reads Marvel's description of Iron Man #9. "But conversion can often be difficult, and soon Korvac is left wondering if he'll ever have any followers born from faith rather than fear."

Alex Ross has painted the cover to Iron Man #9, with a Spider-Man Villains-themed variant drawn by Dan Panosian. Here they are:

Iron Man #9 goes on sale on June 9.

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