Review: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates [import]

Like the original Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles on GameCube, Ring of Fatesis a dungeon-crawling adventure that plays a little bit like a faster-paced Phantasy Star Online. You control one plucky young warrior, accompanied ideally by three like-minded friends with whom you%26rsquo;ll combine magic attacks and take specialised roles in the relentless combat that forms the bulk of the game.

The D-pad makes your bloke scamper around, and every other button is used for picking things up, attacking with the main weapon or using special magic attacks. There%26rsquo;s even a jump button, as the game features a lot of simple platforming sections, and the touch screen is used for selecting magic, using potions, accessing menus- and switching between characters if you aren%26rsquo;t able to enjoy the full four-player, four-cartridge experience.