Resistance in-game movies

Resistance: Fall of Man E3 2006 gameplay #1 (AVI, 8.8MB) - right-click to download
Resistance: Fall of Man E3 2006 gameplay #2 (AVI, 9.4MB) - right-click to download
Resistance: Fall of Man E3 2006 gameplay #3 (AVI, 4.0MB) - right-click to download

Friday 12 May 2006
Following our hands-on with the multiplayer modes of Insomniac's amazing new PlayStation 3 shooter, Resistance: Fall of Man, we've managed to get our hands on three videos of the single-player game, which you can see by clicking the trio of links above.

The clips come from a presentation given by Ted Price, the CEO and president of Insomniac - a developer best known for the Ratchet & Clank series - and it's his voice that can be heard on the video. Price is particularly proud of Resistance as it marks a real departure for the Californian company.

Resistance is set in Britain during 1951 in an alternative 20th century where World War II didn't happen. Instead the world is under threat from a mysterious species known as the Chimera which is spreading across the globe, infecting mankind with a virus that turns people into one of the rampaging creatures.

Above: In Fall of Man's alternate world, man must fight off the Chimera

Gamers will take on the role of US Army ranger, Sgt Nathan Hale, who has joined the underground resistance in Britain that is attempting to rid the world of this new terror. As the game is set on these shores, it will feature several UK cities including London, Manchester, York and - surely making its videogaming debut - Grimsby.

While all of the action in the footage features combat on-foot, Price did confirm that vehicles will be in the final game, however he wouldn't be drawn as to what they would be. He also stated that the team is trying to make use of the PS3 pad's motion sensitivity, but it hasn't decided just how yet.

Resistance was originally known as I-8, which many thought was a reference to a virus as infection plays a large part in the game's plot. Unfortunately, the real explanation for the working title is far duller - it was referred to as I-8 simply because it was Insomniac's eighth game.