Resistance 3 video: Full Access Preview

One of the highlights of our week was the arrival of a Resistance 3 preview disc in our offices, which you already know about if you’ve taken a look at our latest hands-on preview. Representing a new direction for the alien-invasion FPS, Resistance 3’s action is gorier, its look is grittier and its gameplay’s been awfully fun so far. Just telling you that isn’t enough, though. To get a better sense of what to expect when the game ships this September, you need to see it in action, and so Chris, Brett and Mikel dove into the game's early moments to show off the little refugee community of Haven, Okla., and what happens to it when the alien/mutant Chimera finally sniff it out.

Jul 15, 2011

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Thrill as the GR gang gets their asses handed to them in multiple modes

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Sonic turns 20, and his gift to us was this demo

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Does this game have the ability to overcome great blandness?

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