Resident Evil Village story teaser hints at Ethan Winter's latest predicament

Resident Evil 8 Village
(Image credit: Capcom)

Capcom has unveiled a cryptic Resident Evil Village teaser asking players to fill in the redacted portions of a written field log. 

The teaser gives a vague idea of Ethan Winters' latest predicament entering the titular Resident Evil Village, which seems to have already claimed the lives of a few people. There are three redacted parts of the memo, but a fan going by NV on Twitter seems to have cracked the code using an image of the map included in the Resident Evil 8 Collector's Edition.

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If you look closely enough, you can just barely make out the edges of the first and last letter of each redacted word, and it does appear NV's got it right. The note most likely reads: Reporting from Beneviento House, on assignment to monitor the village. Noted recent tracks and blood along the route. Signs indicate dragging bodies. Will begin recording castle occupants and activities.

The best part is the "does not represent actual gameplay" disclaimer at the end, which is there just to remind you that this tattered and coffee-stained sheet of paper might look slightly different at launch.

Anyway, the message references the Dimitrescu Castle, which you get to explore in the Resident Evil Village demo, while the Beneviento House is one of four houses we know of from the Collector's Edition map mentioned earlier. Along with Beneviento, there's House Dimitrescu, House Heisenberg, and House Moreau. How the four houses tie into one another, we haven't slightest the clue, but we know the internet's favorite Resident Evil tall vampire lady is in charge of one of them.

Here's everything else we know about Resident Evil Village's Lady Dimitrescu and what she might be telling us about the game's story.

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