Resident Evil Village demo with combat will release in Spring

Resident Evil 8 Village
(Image credit: Capcom)

Resident Evil Village will get a combat-focused gameplay demo later this year in Spring, shortly before the game releases.

Over the weekend, PlayStation Japan held a special event focusing on Japanese-developed PS5 games, one of which was Capcom's Resident Evil Village. Over the course of the segment devoted to the next Resident Evil game, Capcom staff revealed that, at some point in Spring, there'll be a new Resident Evil Village demo for all platforms that'll feature combat from the final game (thanks, Dusk Golem). 

This is in contrast to the Maiden demo, which launched earlier this year exclusively for PS5 players. In that first demo, the player took on the role of an unknown captive, roaming through dark corridors and passageways to try and escape from the mysterious castle. There wasn't any combat in the demo, as the brief segment focused purely on exploration, and was a prequel story of sorts to the main game starring returning protagonist Ethan Winters.

Elsewhere in the presentation over the past weekend from PlayStation Japan, the infamous Lady Dimitrescu's height was compared to the event's hosts. You can see a snapshot of that particular portion of the showcase just below, in which it was revealed that, yes, Lady Dimitrescu is still extremely tall and still extremely powerful.

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Resident Evil Village will launch for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X on May 7, 2021. Recently, Capcom has been warning players against fake emails, which are offering early access invitations for Resident Evil Village. Capcom says the emails are actually scams, and has been repeatedly warning players to ignore all emails offering early access to their game.

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